Snow, Anyone?

Other than one snowfall in November, our Kentucky winter has been relatively free of snow. That is, until this past Saturday. When I looked out the window the predicted 1/2″ was working it’s way to 4″. This sudden surprise reminded me of a similar one many years ago. My father and boyfriend, the one and only Brennan, left to go skiing in Lake Tahoe. I learned then to stock up on needed supplies whenever the weather forecast call for a “dusting”. I’m not sure what a dusting means to you, but to us, it means 20″. No kidding. True story. My siblings and I missed nearly a week of school, snowed in and nearly ready to hurt each other. We survived, and we survived this past weekend. We offer prayers for the warmth and safety of those enduring a true blizzard in the Northeast.

Only heaven knows where my photos from that one freakish winter reside. However, I did snap a few Saturday and Sunday. Enjoy.

What Christmas 2014 should have looked like:


What Christmas 2014 actually looked like:


Some wish they were snowbirds. Florida is calling Rye’s name.


Some resolve to play follow the leader, except that gal front and center. Rule breaker.


Some just want to eat. A mother’s job is never done.


Do you want to build a snowman?














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  1. Rivers says:

    No I would not like to build a snow man mommy

  2. Rivers says:

    I wish I could go to Florida to

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