About Gilkison Farm

Firmly nestled in the heart of bluegrass country, we are a family farm devoted to growing our best with each new crop, each new year. Our acreage produces corn, soybeans, burley tobacco, wheat, rye, alfalfa hay, black raspberries and pasture for beef cattle.

With the purchase of the mainstay in 1978, Eddie Gilkison returned to his agricultural roots planting corn and eventually burley tobacco. It was this crop that intrigued Eddie’s young son, Brennan. He grew his first crop at the age of fourteen and continues today despite major changes in the industry. Like many fellow Kentucky farmers, Brennan began to further diversify the farming operation. Meanwhile, his father began to focus on his crop insurance business, FedCrop.

The Gilkison family grew with Brennan’s marriage to Serena, converging two agricultural backgrounds into one shared dream of farming. Three young farmers soon followed; a set of twin girls and a son. They will forever remain our most important crop, cultivated by faith, family, friends and, of course, the farm.

As we grow, our focus on product safety and environmental responsibility grows as well. We use conventional, modern practices without compromising integrity. Principally, we know that given our best care and attention, our land and animals will yield a better return.

To the family and employees of Gilkison Farm, agriculture is not called agriculture for just any reason; it is a culture, it’s a way of life. We hope to continue this culture through the generations while doing our part to paint an accurate picture of the American farm.