The Dirt

I'm talking good dirt, bad dirt and all things Gilkison Farm dirt. But I'm not talking dirty.

Snow…and More Snow

As I type this, we’re still undergoing the wrath of Jonas, the winter storm. It’s the second snowfall of the week, and no one is complaining here, especially the kids. Thanks to snow and the Martin Luther King,...

Winter Update

As we approach the second half of January, we’ve only had a small taste of winter here. The temperature tends to flux between 30º to 60º, sometimes within a few hours. That’s just typical, crazy Kentucky weather. While...

Hope for Hemp

Within the last several years, Brennan and I have found ourselves meeting many new faces. It’s now a habit to introduce ourselves as owners of a diversified family farm. Both of us are always eager to experiment with...


If home is where the heart is, my heart is here. Ten years ago today, pregnant with twins, we made the move from upstairs apartment in the farm shop to farmhouse. Here are my top ten reasons for...

Black Raspberry Cobbler

I love black raspberries. I love black raspberry cobbler almost as much. My mother would make a cobbler of wild raspberries after every picking during my youth. Thankfully, our berries taste close to those I remember. Close. Childhood...