The Dirt

I'm talking good dirt, bad dirt and all things Gilkison Farm dirt. But I'm not talking dirty.

From Gate to Plate

On Tuesday, Brennan and I traveled west to Owensboro to enjoy a meal and panel discussion concerning both sides of the plate, the farmers that grow food and the people that eat the food. Our friend Suzanne helped...

A Friday Favorite

Some years Brennan takes the gold in choosing Christmas gifts for me. Some years, well, I should just be grateful and that’s that. This year he gave me a weed eater. Yes, a weed eater. In all honesty,...

Snow, Anyone?

Other than one snowfall in November, our Kentucky winter has been relatively free of snow. That is, until this past Saturday. When I looked out the window the predicted 1/2″ was working it’s way to 4″. This sudden...

Update 2015

Where did 2014 go? I am not one to wish time away, but I’ll admit I was ready for a new year. However, as with any year, much of the previous year’s work falls into the lap of...


I am a music junkie. It’s good to get that off my chest. May I admit more? I am totally crushed at the cancellation of a Kings of Leon concert for tonight, one of their concerts I could...