Hope for Hemp

Within the last several years, Brennan and I have found ourselves meeting many new faces. It’s now a habit to introduce ourselves as owners of a diversified family farm. Both of us are always eager to experiment with new crops, more so Brennan. He firmly believes you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket. In other words, we raise several crops each year. Should one crop miss the boat, we’ll have others we can depend on for income. Speaking of boats, we will need a few if the clouds continue to pour in our neck of the woods. I love idioms.

Like with all experiments, some prove successes while others fail. We’re hoping for success in our newest endeavor. We have hope for hemp. Quite a bit of controversy surrounds its national legalization, but with special permits, the state of Kentucky is providing a new opportunity for farmers.

Hemp products are sold in limitless forms. This morning I included hemp protein powder in a smoothie I made for Brennan, yet the product itself was imported from Canada. Such a renewable resource should freely grow within our country’s borders…and I should stop preaching. Visit here for more information.

One month in, the plants are already blooming.


Hemp does resemble one of its distant cousins, but don’t we all have a cousin or two with which we’d rather not associate?


As a family farm, we are always seeking new opportunities to pave the way for future generations. Perhaps Roo will someday freely plant her own fields of hemp.


Until then, I’ll continue hoping for adequate infrastructure and open marketing for future hemp production. And I’ll continue hoping this year’s experiment is a success.



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