Music has always been my thing.  Movies have always been my thing.  Television, well, we’ve had quite the tumultuous relationship.  Shows such as The Wonder Years, ER, and Friends stood firm in my weekly schedule, even the reruns.  I’ll even confess to a more recent Bravo TV addiction.  Any Housewives series or Top Chef saga reigned supreme.  Now, like Ross and Rachel, television and I are on a break.  Officially.  Complete seasons of quality programs, however, are a different story.

Every summer, Brennan and I join a few good friends for a long, houseboat weekend.  The weather typically cooperates.  In 2012, it did not.  Our first full day was plagued by hard rains, leaving us with three indoor options:  games, television, and drinking.  No worries, all were equally attempted.  The best choice, you ask?  You guessed it.  Television.  Right.

Actually, television, in the form of the first season of Justified on DVD, proved worthy and saved us all from zealous intoxication.  Tony, our unofficial boat bartender and horse aficionado, happened to bring his coworker’s copy.  One episode in, all eight viewers were hooked.  We finished the entire set by noon the following day while the sun shone outside.  We were justified.

To summarize the show, a U.S. Marshal returns to his Kentucky roots reeling in fugitives across the Commonwealth, particularly between Lexington and Harlan County.  Raylan Givens is one courageous cowboy with a fully armed arsenal of clever quips and quotes.  If you haven’t watched it, watch it.  You can thank me later. 

By the end of 2013, I had only viewed seasons 2 and 3, both on DVD.  Never have I watched a current episode.   Again, television and I are on a break.  Thus, I eagerly waited for season four available December 17th.  I was a good girl.  Santa knew exactly what I wanted this year; thirteen new episodes of Justified for one seventeen-hour trip to South Africa.

My friend and South African Airlines neighboring passenger, Clint, called me “one Justified nut”.  He was justified. 

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    I thought I wasent a loud to hear or see justified

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