Lolly Pop

At the GFC (Gilkison Family Compound, as I affectionatley call the farm), we’re quick to pass out nicknames.  My oldest, by a minute, child is no exception.  During her six and a half short years, she’s acquired quite the catalog of monikers.  She’ll answer to several, but none fit her quite like Lolly.  As in Lollygag.  As in takes her dear, sweet time choosing outfits.  As in always the last child to hop in the truck.  As in, well, you get the picture.  Half of the time, I call her Lolly Pop, which suits too.  The girl has a sweet tooth like no other.

Lolly Pop Tree

Aside of her dawdling, she’s a keeper.  Determined, focused and helpful, you can count on Lolly to get a job done.  Her bright blue eyes and warm smile light the day.  And animals?  Oh, how she loves animals.  Our recent trip to the zoo proved to be more of a birthday gift to Lolly than to CB.  It was nothing short of a miracle that her poor daddy was able to drag her out of the reptile house…after an hour…or at least it seemed.

Working Girl

She’s compassionate and kind, loving and loyal.  And she’s my girl.  I think I’ll keep her.  If I allow enough time.

Waiting on Lolly,







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  1. Rivers says:

    I no it’s awesome to have her as a sister but sometimes it’s not but I can live with it if she around but if she not I can not live I have to have my sister even when I do not want her

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