Winter Update

As we approach the second half of January, we’ve only had a small taste of winter here. The temperature tends to flux between 30º to 60º, sometimes within a few hours. That’s just typical, crazy Kentucky weather. While we have enjoyed the moderate climate, we actually need much colder weather. The black raspberries need at least 800 hours of freezing temperature to heartily produce in the upcoming summer. Plus, the cold helps to reduce insect populations allowing better conditions for crops and livestock once spring arrives.


Growing up on a cattle farm, I remember hearing they prefer, and thrive, in cooler weather around 50º or so. Our cattle have fared well thus far, needless to say. We will, however, keep a closer eye out for pneumonia which often appears more frequently with such fluctuations in temperature.


As I write this, our forecast looks to take a dive within the next couple of days. Eight degrees, anyone?

Stay warm!


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